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Homelessness Prevention

We offer Tenancy Sustainment support to our move-on residents, individuals and families who may be at risk of eviction.  If your landlord has served you with a section 21 or 8 notice, we may be able to assist you to turn the situation around in your favour.  What you don’t want to do is bury your head in the sand and allow the eviction to go ahead. Please Contact us 

We negotiate payment arrangements that are realistic.

We support service-users to claim Welfare Benefits and when necessary have existing claims reassessed.

If negotiations with landlords fail, we support service-users throughout the court processes.

We support service-users to find temporary and permanent accommodations and assist them to rebuild their lives again.

We  liaise with councils, charities, churches and other national and local bodies/groups to support individuals and families.

We work in collaboration with other service providers to implement and run tenancy sustainment programmes to prevent loss of tenancies.

Guidelines To Prevent Homelessness

Know A Homeless Individual Or Household Looking For A Home?

How to Prevent Someone Who Has been In An Institution From Becoming Homeless

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