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My name is Joshua Taylor, I am 26 years old and am currently being supported by Housing Dilemmas. I have been housed in Chelmsford in one of their shared accommodations since early August of 2023. I am using the opportunity to better my life skills, build a routine and to strengthen my confidence. While being here, it has helped me with budgeting and money management, allowing me to save up to build my own computer to open up new opportunities for my future as I have never owned a computer before.

My plan is to use the computer to teach myself to animate and to help with studying for future endeavours. Since building my computer, I no longer feel as if I have nothing to do, wasting time away watching TV. It has improved my mental health a great deal and I now feel I have projects I can focus on.

Thank you to Housing Dilemmas for blessing me with this opportunity. 



I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.
I am forever grateful for all the work and running around you had to do.
I am now where I was meant to be, and Bleu has his home back.
Sybil you are such a kind person with a big heart.

Thank you so much



My experience with Housing Dilemma has been very good. The support was excellent from day one to the last day. Everything that is very essential that you need they helped me. Through my ups and down they help me get through the storm. Staff are very nice and friendly. I have to admit it was very challenging for me trying to get along with the other housemate because some of the housemate wasn’t very nice to you just because you complain about the music noise but we found a way at the end some how. There are times where I just want to give up but I stayed through it. 

Thank you to all the staff that has helped me from the start of my journey to the last day. Now I am moving into my own place. They’ve supported me to get into the housing register. Also supported me with moving furniture. A word of conclusion overall everything was very good.



The staff that supported me were great. Sybil, Bow, Toks and Dilli. They all took an interest in me and my well-being. 

Toks has continued to support me since I left and will continue to do so for a while under the duty of care agreement. She has been great in helping me sort out utility bills and is seeking funding for me to attend a barbering course to enable me to get back into employment. 

Within two months of arriving at housing dilemmas (I had previously been in two rehabs as well as other supported housing schemes) Sybil and Bow moved my banding up on the housing register from a band 4 to a band 2. Which helped me move onto independent living. And at the beginning of January 2023 I finally secured my own social housing after being on the list for two years. I can not thank the team enough for this. 

I can only say positive things about the team and the organisation. I wish them all the best and praise the valuable work they do in supporting people who find themselves in difficult situations due to previous addiction issues or homelessness. I wish them all, all the best for the future. 



I first met Sybil and Bow through a friend of mine whom she had helped to secure a property just as I was being made homeless myself, I was given a lovely clean room in a nice house and they have continued to support me over the months to the point now of me being able to move on to a housing property of my own I can’t thank them enough and what they do for people like myself is amazing and I will be forever grateful. 



I was referred to this wonderful lady when I had lost all hope, homeless with my daughter. Sybil took us under her wing and did everything within her power to not only help me mentally start believing in myself again she educated me on the housing system. 

Sybil went to meetings with the head of council and fought on my behalf. 
If it wasn’t for her we would still be homeless and I can’t even think about what state of mind I would be in.
I am truly grateful to you and your organisation.

Truly Thankful



Having met Sybil and Bow at the employment search workshop and tenancy sustainment, I have received fantastic help, support and encouragement.
They helped me complete a CV and help with various letters. Because of the support from Sybil and Bow, I am employed.


Having left university, finding myself homeless by a string of unfortunate events, and feeling deeply lost with nowhere to turn, Housing Dilemmas' service and care cannot be overstated when I say that they have truly saved my life from disaster. Had they not I fear to think where I would now be. I will be forever grateful for the help, care and compassion they have all shown me and will never forget it.

In addition, my weekly meetings with my life coach David, have finally brought the structure and order I needed back into my life. Our discussions have induced a complete re-orientation in my values and priorities. I can now finally say with confidence that I feel myself to be on the right track in life. This would not have been possible without the positive support I needed.

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